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Fixed On Four – Fixed Dentures

Fixed on Four Long BeachThere are many options available to help you restore your smile, including the All-on-4™ Implant Fixed Denture. The Fixed On Four implant technique is cost and time effective, because the use of fewer implants with no need for bone grafting saves months of healing. The Fixed On Four solution provides for new teeth that are attached to four implants per jaw and look, feel and function like naturally healthy teeth. In fact, dental implants are the closest thing we have to the roots of our natural teeth. In addition, the implants stimulate bone growth, just like natural tooth roots, helping to eliminate that sunken facial collapse which is so prevalent with denture wearers.

Bone Loss

The Solution To Waiting

After you lose your teeth, your bone will begin to deteriorate and affect your facial features as you continue to wear dentures.  If you’re wearing dentures and are considering implants, the longer you wait to make a decision the more likely you’ll be to suffer bone loss. The image shows the progression after teeth are removed without a fixed replacement. Avoiding the discomfort and loss of facial structure is possible with a Fixed On Four implant prosthesis like NobelBiocare’s All-On-4™ system. We will evaluate your current bone situation and recommend one or more of the available implant systems that will work best with your facial structure and what you want your smile to look like.

The benefits of Fixed On Four implant prostheses are:

great smile in Long Beach, CA

  • Teeth in one day
  • Lower costs and reduced healing time
  • Fixed, non-removable screw-retained implant-supported denture
  • A beautiful smile and renewed self confidence
  • Improved overall health and an enriched lifestyle


Ting Wey-Yen, DDSDr. Yen’s Philosophy

Dr. Yen believes that everyone is entitled to a beautiful smile that enables them to thoroughly enjoy their life no matter what their age. His passion for giving you an experience unlike what any other provider can offer you is based on that belief, and he will take a thoughtful approach to create a beautiful smile for you with an affordable treatment plan.

Dr. Yen has assembled a highly-regarded team of carefully selected external implant specialists and an exceptional internal team of assistants and coordinators to give you a Fixed On Four procedure at an affordable price. Dr. Yen will use his artistic experience, extensive training and teaching experience to craft a smile that is as individual as you are.


Begin Experiencing Your New Smile

At your initial consultation with Dr. Yen, he and his internal team will evaluate your situation after reviewing information from your referring dentist. The team will discuss with you the benefits of the Fixed On Four procedure and will help you understand how it will help you. Dr. Yen will help you evaluate that decision and offer you solutions that are based on your individual situation, whether you are considering keeping the remaining teeth you have or are considering keeping one of your dentures.


The Fixed On Four Teeth In a Day procedure starts with a consultation and a discussion of what your wishes, goals and needs are. Here’s an overview of the timeline we use to create your new smile.


Consultation, Exam and Treatment Planning

dentist office long beachYou’ll be examined at our office and at your surgeon’s office in whatever sequence is most convenient for you. Our exam will include a review of your x-rays, scans and any models, a thorough periodontal examination, creation of a series of photographs and impressions, and detailed charting. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of the procedure. This detailed work-up of your case will entail two visits to our office-you can plan on about two hours total for this step. Afterwards, we’ll work to coordinate your surgery date with our selected implant specialists.




Modification of Your Existing Dentures

We will modify or adjust your existing dentures if they are acceptable or fabricate new interim removable prostheses to establish proper function and aesthetics.


Fabrication of the Interim Prosthesis at Our Office and Attaching It to the Implants at the Surgeon’s Office

As we prepare your temporary removable denture ahead of your implant surgery, you’ll visit our office a few times to ensure the esthetics of the temporary denture meets with your esthetic desires. You can plan for about four to eight weeks for this process, depending on your situation. On the day of Stage I, the implant placement, (sometimes accompanied by removal of any remaining teeth), we’ll travel to the office of the external implant surgical specialist to oversee the process. Most of the time we’ll be able to convert this removable prosthesis into a fixed interim prosthesis at this visit and you’ll go home with a fixed prosthesis. We’ll even have the lab technologist there to help in converting your temporary removable denture into a fixed implant supported provisional prosthesis.

Our goal is always to have you leave with your new teeth and begin returning to eating normally as soon as possible. However, sometimes due to the presence of infection, immediate implant placement is not possible. In these cases, you’ll go home with the new removable temporary denture. Once the infection is cleared from your system (usually 8-12 weeks) through the removal of the teeth, the implants can be placed and the denture converted the same day into the fixed provisional as described above. We make sure you’ll never be without your new teeth for very long.


Final Restoration Process

fixed on four long beach caAfter your implants have become integrated with your jaw bone and you’ve been wearing your interim prosthesis comfortably for 12 to 16 weeks, Dr. Yen and his team will begin the fabrication process of your final Fixed On Four prosthesis for your mouth. It will involve several try-in/fitting visits to ensure that the titanium framework fits precisely and the esthetics of the final prosthesis meets with your approval.

Usually so much attention has been paid to making the provisionals meet the esthetic desires that the final prosthesis is just a precise replica of the interim fixed provisional that you’ve been wearing for several months and now are used to. Our goal is always to meet and even exceed your expectations.



Enjoying Your New Smile

dentistOnce you leave with your beautiful new smile, you’ll be able to regain all of the function you had before. Dr. Yen and his team will have you follow up with them on a regular basis to have hygiene treatments and to check the status of your new prosthesis.

The Benefits of Fixed On Four

Benefits of Fixed on FourIf you’ve been experiencing pain while wearing your dentures, have teeth that are deteriorating, or are unhappy with your current implants, then the Fixed On Four procedure can give you your life back. You’ll be able to smile with ease, eat the foods that you want, and eliminate the difficulties and discomfort you’ve been experiencing.

Call our office today to schedule your consultation and learn how Dr. Yen and his team will merge technology with art and create the smile you’ve always wanted.

Replacing Your Dentures

There are many ways that a new Fixed On Four restoration will improve your life. If you’re a current denture wearer, your new Fixed On Four prosthesis will eliminate the processes involved with wearing dentures and let you return to eating your favorite hard foods without concern. Fixed On Four will restore your facial structure and appearance to nearly the same as it was before bone loss began from wearing dentures. Your personality and confidence can shine again without concern about what your teeth might do in daily situations.

Restoring Your Smile: Why Fixed On Four Is Your Best Option

Unlike conventional dentures, Fixed On Four implants like the All-on-4™ technology allows you to have a full mouth of permanent teeth that feels and functions like real teeth. Because they are fixed (non-removable), they allow you to return to fully enjoying life’s moments without concern for your dentures.

Crafting Your New Teeth For An Esthetically Pleasing Smile

Unlike conventional dentures which are large in size and therefore could possibly affect your appearance over time, Fixed On Four gives you the set of teeth that looks and acts like natural, healthy teeth. Dr. Yen takes great care in creating a smile for you with the Fixed On Four system that reflects what works best with your facial features and jaw structure, so your finished Fixed On Four will look more like your real teeth and less like generic dentures.


The Fixed On Four procedure is often completed in a single day as the implants and teeth are inserted on same day. You’ll experience this during the interim phase where the temporary prosthesis is placed, and again when the final fitting of your Fixed On Four prosthesis is inserted.

Immediate Function

The recovery process is minimized after the Fixed On Four procedure because of the way that Dr. Yen has crafted your new prosthesis. You’ll be able to talk, eat and return to your social life as soon as you leave the surgical specialist’s office or our office.

Reduce The Need For Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure often necessary in a process of building conventional implants. The missing tooth often causes loss of bone underneath and in order to restore this area, the bone is taken from your chin or pelvis. With the Fixed On Four procedure, you only need four implants inserted for each arch and therefore, in most cases, bone grafting is not required.

Reduce Your Cost

Conventional full arch fixed implant restorations may require up to 10 implants in addition to bone grafting, making the entire process long and complex. The Fixed On Four procedure has decreased the total treatment costs for a full arch implant-supported prosthesis by almost half of the cost of traditional porcelain/metal bridges. Dr. Yen confidently uses Fixed On Four prostheses to continue his uncompromising passion of sharing quality results for all his patients. Dr. Yen and his team will work with you to create the best treatment solution for your needs, and will explain all the options available to you to make the best decision for your new life with your new smile.

How Technology Meets Art: Crafting Your Fixed On Four

Dental Implants Long Beach CADr. Yen’s approach to crafting your final smile is to begin by creating an interim provisional prosthesis (temporary denture) that is as close as possible to the final smile that he has envisioned for you. He will meticulously reconstruct your smile by using aids such as old models and photographs– some patients have even brought in their high school pictures or photos of models to show him. From these sources he is usually able to reconstruct the smile that you want. You’ll be able to try out this temporary denture in your mouth, or if you still have some remaining teeth, review it on the model while it’s in its wax state.

Together, you and Dr. Yen will further refine it until you are totally satisfied. On the day of the implant surgery, this temporary denture will be converted into your permanent temporary prosthesis. At this point, you’ll be able to evaluate the denture teeth in your mouth and it will serve as the prototype for the final Fixed On Four prosthesis.

Once the implants have integrated with your bone, Dr. Yen will use CAD/CAM technology to fabricate a titanium framework milled from one solid block of titanium (used for added strength) which will be incorporated into the final prosthesis. The contour of the final prosthesis will completely duplicate that of your provisional prosthesis. This ensures that the final aesthetic result is replicated throughout the entire process and has been previewed by the you all along the way. This is how technology meets art.

On-Site Laboratory

Dentist Long BeachDesigned from the ground up to service the needs of patients, Dr. Yen has included the latest technology to refine the final elements for your Fixed On Four prosthesis in his on-site laboratory. Dr. Yen will refine the prosthesis until it fits perfectly and you as a patient tells him it feels right. Having the tools to adjust during placement is key to the right fit and most optimal use of your time. It allows him to provide important adjustments while you wait rather than sending the prosthesis out to a lab.

When labs are used, as is the case for the creation of your Fixed On Four, only the highest quality ones are utilized and Dr. Yen remains in constant communication with the technologist (who has been selected based on his or her additional training/expertise). In addition, the patient’s esthetic requests are directly communicated to the lab technologist by photos, lip impressions and verbal communication. Where indicated, the lab technologist will even come to the office for direct visualization and discussion of your needs with Dr. Yen.

Dr.YenWLoopFixedOnFourModel2The lab microscope is used whenever possible to examine the prosthesis before delivery to you. No work is accepted until Dr. Yen is completely satisfied with it.  Occasionally, this may mean a need to reschedule the delivery appointment, but Dr. Yen will not compromise on the quality of the restorations delivered to you because he understands how it impacts your quality of life.

CAD/CAM Technology

State-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology at carefully selected labs is used to machine a biocompatible one-piece framework from a solid titanium block. Before each framework is machined, the design is personally approved by Dr. Yen to match his exacting specifications for your Fixed On Four. This results in a customized design with consistent precision of fit and optimal aesthetics. Our Fixed On Four prostheses are created specifically for us at specialized labs across the country personally selected by Dr Yen.


Dr Yen - Fixed on Four


Our Concierge Approach: Sharing Our Experience To Create Your Best Smile

Our office proudly provides you personalized, confidential and concierge service from the first phone call to your departure from our office with your new smile. Our commitment to you is a TEAM approach that embodies the principals of Trust, Education, Artistry and a Multidisciplinary approach and the belief that everyone is entitled to a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

We don’t believe that one treatment plan or a single Fixed On Four system is a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. That means you’ll experience something unlike what any other provider can offer you: a thoughtful, creative and affordable treatment plan executed by Dr. Yen and his exceptional team of carefully selected external implant specialists and the collaboration of his internal team of assistants and coordinators.

During your initial consultation, you’ll be welcomed into our relaxed office setting surrounded by artwork and paintings, many by Dr. Yen himself. Dr. Yen will talk with you about your goals and expectations for having the Fixed On Four procedure, carefully assess your needs, and then discuss the options available to you based on your current dental situation. Together, he and his team will create a treatment plan that works for you, and share an outline of cost and a timeline for completing your new smile.Fixed on Four Dental Implants


Fixed on Four

After our front office team coordinates with one of Dr. Yen’s chosen implant specialist colleagues to begin your procedure, Dr. Yen and his assistants will travel to your appointment at the implant specialist to oversee the extraction of any remaining teeth (if necessary) and placement of implants. Joining each specialist as they work in their own office environment and with their own staff allows for a better results for you. This additional step also gives Dr. Yen and his team the opportunity to assist the surgical team with any implant questions that may arise during the procedure that may affect the restorative phase done as the next step at our office.


Experience Creates A Better Smile

Fixed on Four Long BeachDr. Yen and his team has successfully completed numerous implant cases and restorations of other office’s improperly inserted implants. He has been involved in the fixed implant supported full arch restorations for over 20 years. Although the materials and technology have changed dramatically in the last few years, the principles have remained the same and we have updated our technique to incorporate the latest technology.

Dr. Yen has been doing implant-supported “teeth in a day” procedures since 1999 and within the last couple of years, we’ve increased the efficiency of the system and shortened the time to just a few hours from when implants are placed to getting them attached to the interim prosthesis. He’s been able to do so due to the incredible team that we’ve assembled to handle the logistics involved to make this happen.

Dr. Yen works with several top-notch oral surgeons and periodontists in their offices throughout southern California, and together they make this prosthetically-driven procedure consistently successful no matter which team is involved or what implant system is used. We have successfully restored NobelBiocare, Straumann, 3i, Endure implant systems with Fixed On Four prosthesis with excellent esthetic and functional results. Additionally, what has delighted our patients is that with the improved technology and efficiency, we’ve been able to decrease the total treatment costs for a full arch implant-support prosthesis by almost half without compromising our passion for quality and results. Our internal team coordinates with the external team members to provide a smooth treatment for every patient.

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